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PIP Suits

Personal Injury Protection is perhaps the most contentious area of law in Florida. In 1973, the Florida Legislature mandated that every vehicle owner must carry insurance for injuries to occupants of the vehicle sustained in an automobile accident. However, insurance companies will often deny payment, delay payment, reduce bills, and fight these types of claims. We represent victims of automobile accidents and their doctors when they are forced to sue insurance companies.The PIP Collection Department at The Patiño Law Firm assists medical providers, including Clinics, Rehab Centers, MRI Centers, X-ray Centers and Hospitals in recovering unpaid or underpaid Personal Injury Protection (PIP) benefits from insurance companies for medical services rendered to automobile accident victims. Typically in a PIPSUIT, our clients don’t have to pay any fees for our services.

The attorneys at The Patiño Law Firm understand Florida PIP Statute 627.736. We’ve handled thousands of PIPSUITS. We know the steps to take when insurance companies unjustly reduce patients’ PIP benefits, delay payment, or deny claims.  Find out how you can get paid for the services you provided. We provide free consultations at your medical offices and we explain and train your staff on how to maximize PIP recovery. There is NO FEE to you for our services. Our fees are paid from the interest, penalties and/or attorney’s fees from the defendant, not your underlying claim.